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One man’s letter to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette would forever change the way I viewed the Vietnam War.

By David Mould: Updated October 17th, 2017

Ambassador Adolph W. Schmidt
U.S. Ambassador to Canada: 1969 - 1974

Shortly after the publication of former Secretary of State Robert McNamara’s book: In Retrospect, The Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam (published in 1995) former U.S. Ambassador to Canada, Adolph W. Schmidt, penned a letter to the Editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that carried the following headline:

“McNamara does not reveal the real cause for the U.S. participation in the Vietnam War.”

It went on to say:

“It is honorable for the sake of history that Robert McNamara was willing to make this admission, but most regrettable that he was not able to reveal the real cause for the United States’ participation in that tragic conflict. The real cause for our involvement was revealed by an earlier author, John Cooney, in 1984 in his best-selling book, The American Pope: The Life and Times of Francis Cardinal Spellman.

“Cooney concluded that the Vietnam War became an ‘American cause’ in large measure because of Cardinal Spellman’s public and private lobbying. Even before the France defeat at Dienbienphu (1954), the United States had underwritten 80% of the French War costs. Malachi Martin, a former Jesuit priest who worked in the Vatican during the years of escalating U.S. commitment to Vietnam, said: ‘Spellman’s Vietnam stance was in accordance with the wishes of Pope Pius XII.’ The pope was concerned about communism making more gains at the expense of the Roman Catholic minority of 10% in Vietnam.

Mixing Church & State
The Spellman Diem Connection

“Spellman discovered Diem when Diem was a student at the Catholic Maryknoll Seminary in Ossining, New York. Spellman nurtured Diem’s rise to power in a country 80 percent Buddhist, and with Joseph Kennedy (the president’s father) formed a pro-Diem lobby in Washington. I also recall the unusual circumstances of Diem’s first state visit to Washington in 1961. Instead of staying at Blair House, he went to Cardinal Spellman’s house in New York and then was led by him into the Oval Office in the White House to meet President Kennedy.

“The Vatican’s ‘holy war’ to save the only Catholic government on the Asian mainland cost 58,000 American and 2 million Vietnamese lives. The full story of this American tragedy remains still to be published.”

While you are here …

Friend, not everyone will take lightly the disclosure of unpopular truth. There’s an inherent risk in running stories like these – a risk discovered most recently in Malta.

Bottom Line: In spite of the risk― if Ambassador Schmidt’s thesis is accurate (as I believe it is), then shouldn’t the world know?

  • Shouldn’t it have known decades ago?
  • And shouldn’t it know now – especially now that the movement to convene a radical Constitutional Convention in the U.S. quietly gains momentum?

Do we really want an America in which church and state speak as one?

On the separation of church & state…
America's Founding Fathers Got It Right.

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